Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

..thanks Michelle :) thanks everyone..

had to postponed the meeting until today. it was supposed to be on last tuesday before i had to reset the date. i didnt realize the new date was the new year's eve, sampailah semalam. sorry michelle. tak sengaja. but the meeting was great.

in a way i was feeling like, god is very close to me. even with strangers, i didnt feel unsecured. dia hantar macam² jenis orang utk show me few things yg mmg tgh dalam kepala sekarang ni. and we managed to talk about it as if we had ths plans on for quite a long time already.

michelle, for you guys to know. she is a very warm, friendly and has so much to share, everytime we meet. macam² cerita. dari hal beauty care, child's care, diet program, ways to earn extra money blablabla.. cuma cam biasa kita tolak citer pasal politik :) because she was actually 'taught' to talk to people :) funny kan?

even with christina earlier, we talked about how great god is. ops pls dont misjudge us. memang dia christian, and i am a muslim. but still, we have faith. as long as u have faith, miracles happen. and everything that happened to me lately.. they are miracles from god. he's always there for me, for those who believe in him. alhamdulillah.

--what a coincidence. she just called :) macam tau² je, she is now become the topic on ai ;)

and lepas ni pakcu ajak pi fireworks kat dataran. rase cam malas tp, after doing twice the thinking.. join gak la dorang.. i love doing this for some reasons. will capture some photos and post something later..and will tell u y..

..getting ready to say bubbye to 2009, and welcoming 2010. banyak yg berlaku. pahit manis. namun hidup perlu kita teruskan. terima kasih pada semalam yg banyak memberi pengajaran. no regret. no hard feelings.. uhm one more thing, pardon me for the heartbreak i hv caused, utk kata yg mencalar perasaan, utk tindakan luar batasan. angah ini manusia tak sempurna. khilaf sentiasa terjadi. sedangkan nabi ampunkan ummat.. :)

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