Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jalan 223

Alhamdulillah, da setel problem. Mir, leh keje ng tenang hari ni n leh stayback lagi ehhe…

Smlm pi jalan 223 ng ayah, ika and erni. A few good shots from me ehhe (masuk bakul..)

Kelapa sawit tepi hiway=sentimental –tgh tggu lmpu hijau sempat I stole ths moment…

Ayah ng sup kambing, ika ng otak2
Erni and aku; recklessly melantak hidangan behind the scene ;p

223 is just the place. Sempoi and sempoi. And this was the reason why we were there… meredah traffic yg ala2 mendera… only for ths..

**hari ni sangat istimewa. Selamat Ulangtahun, sayang ;) I ade fikirkan something for u, tp mgkin ambil mase sket… wish u health and happiness :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

pardon me..


erk syah, sorry i didnt really listen to u mase u tego psl my layout, background too dark, font too small, sakit mate tengok, only hr ni that i checked my blog out from another pc... uhhu iyela... sakit mate... and ya, it do look terrible. tp im not being syok sendiri tau, coz i blog from mi lappie, and my pc kat office. both are presenting the same view (just ok for me)... and im not gonna change the bg-color coz this blackie environment make me feel secured... tried a few other colors tp none of them match my eyes ;) uhhu.. tahan kan je ok. and the font, if only boleh guna benguiat frisky (am deeply in love with ths font)... i will go for that. tapi malang sekali...

Monday, February 23, 2009

apreciar el momento


Agar² lumut..made by erni –ika loves agar lumut very much

I have always enjoyed the moment with the little brothers :) smlm balik kampung and it’s a must untuk bawak dorg pi shopping coz they really know how to shop. Hmm.. suke bawak dorg ni coz at their early age, they do it with brains.. cume aku yang paham. And I bet bancik and alang pn paham ng ape yang aku maksudkan. Well semalam, xdela shopping sangat, cume beli sikit barang dapur. Mase nk amik a few flavor of instant mee, apit offer his angah, “angah amikla ape², malam nanti orang masakkan kalau angah nak”. So sweet (i almost cried over this tau). So I picked one. And cari ape lagi utk ditambah dalam masakan apit nnt. Hasilnya..

VoilĂ ..! mamee tom yam, apit style..luaran nampak cam megi kari jek..

My ‘other’ brother, banyak bende u da missed. Aku perasan mase the moment u said “aku tak reti la nk bawak budak² ngah, lainla klu ko ade sekali”. that was how u answered me whn I asked u to take them out to jejak upin ipin kat titiwangsa. sad giler dgr.. :( Spare some time with ur loved ones. Sementara ada masa & peluang. Jangan dok layan keje, tido & frens jek k, *and now fb pulak*. this is for ur own good gak. Ape pn aku paham, masing² ada life sendiri kan?? 

I have shown my love :) but this is not the only way kan..

*updated Saturday, November 3, 2010 2:10 a.m.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Envious Me..


Have just finished GHOST. Was a damn good narration, actors.. everything! Cried my heart out towards the ending.

There go the swollen eyes..

Well, this type of drama is really my cup of tea. And I have always been teased (a lot) by the dear-brothers for being sooo damn sentimental as I have always been. I survived the phase, everytime. People around me knows very well how fragile my heart is, but they could never be able to understand what lies inside of me coz I wont let them. You can say that I am a very secretive type of person. To be true to myself, and others who mind to know... all my life, I have never felt so little, so much dissapointment. Nobody has done anything so bad to dissapoint me. Nobody! That’s my big loss, as I believe so. As the replacement to the loss, I enjoyed watching this kind of dramas, movies. In a way, they help me to loosen up. Envious. That is my true feeling. At times, I really wanted to experience the dissapointment in me, alive! Not by developing it from others’.

Mir, if u ever read this entry... akak betul2 cemburu ngan ape yg awak rase right now. Jangan salah anggap ye. All my life, akak biase dengar masalah orang. I listen to people’s matter very well coz I have always wanted to be a good listener, I talk less coz I don’t really know how to give response (most of the time), I keep secrets (never fail) and I give good advices due to my point of view and from the experiences I have seen others went through along the way... and atas ape yang Mir lalui sekarang, I think u are so lucky that Allah is giving attention to u right now. Percayalah dengan ape yang Mir lalui sekarang will make you a better, stronger person than u could ever think u could be. Make room for yourself untuk belajar menerima, menilai apa jua keadaan yang menduga. I will always be there for u, girl. Thanks for the care to share.

Mir, I would very much like to dedicate this beautiful song to u, sayang…

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

one of the best :) -thanks


GHOST. One of the best malaysian drama series…uhhu love it so very, Cheryl Samad was in it. She was born to be an actress…sangat natural..and thanks to the production team. Now tgh gile mendownload kat youtube (walaupun da ketinggalan jauh sebenarnye ;p). Teringat pulak ng siri EACH OTHER yg Cheryl blakon ng Alvin Wong dulu –was the very first time I saw her acting. Pun besh gak. I wish lepas ni leh replay EACH OTHER tu balik..dalam GHOST, the players memang la sangat2 mengagumkan. They just played their roles soooo perfectly without trying too hard sebagaimana most of the artists nowadays perform…macam tuut jek. Semua bajet nk menang award. no offence. Sekadar meluah rasa kecewa.

This is gonna be my all-time favorite. Already in my fav-list, selain SEPI, I AM SAM, KEKASIHKU SERU, MUJHSE DOSTI KAROGE, COFFEE PRINCE and bla bla bla…

Yesterday was really A DAY!

Attendees: the manager, ah kam and me (ehhe macam meeting lak)
Nothing big but we had a discussion in the morning on the color they wanna use to paint our new office. Im gonna have my room painted with magenta –slower tone to pink J boleh la, rather than cyan –slower tone to blue. Ah kam gonna get blue. The manager gets black –slower to grey, and kelvin is getting yellow.. complete CMYK… yeah, go design!

Later in the evening, around 2.30 p.m. the manager took us to the site (I drove them in my baby-savvy k J) reason being: kete my manager, air-cond rosak, spare part tak sampai lg, uhhu kete import la kate, merase la ko naik baby-savvy ku :p ehhe. floors in progress. Melawat tapak from bottom to top. Getting too much of excitement. Tak sabar da nak masuk opis baru ni.

Attendees: chris and me
I had a date with Chris afterwork yesterday. Went to eat at an Arabian restaurant in Serdang Perdana. We shared a plate of chicken kebab and 2 glasses of orange juice. as usual, passers by can’t help their eyes from having ‘that’ glance at us. We kinda like to tease people by giving them the perception most people would normally have. We had ‘that look’ from others most of the time when we were hanging out together. I’m so used to it by now. Chris is like the most sexiest woman on earth. A nice chinese woman who doesn’t like chinese man. Tagging along with me, just a simple muslim woman with tudung and unsexy clothes on, might somehow attract others attention eventhough that is beyond our expectation, way too far from our intention. People might mistake us as seriously committed ‘girlfriends’, might even talk bad about us when they see the way we communicate and smile to each other (things create more bad perception everytime she calls me ‘baby’ ahhaha). No worries you’re all forgiven. This is how we are gonna live. She’s a Christian, I am a true Muslim, and we are SISTERS.

Enjoyed our late tea and we already planned to go on a holiday together. Only the two of us. to one of the beautiful islands in Terengganu. And I am to plan everything. She’s gone through a lot of things lately that requires her a holiday. She needs to clear her mind off those bad guys and I am going to lend her a helping hand. And this is how we are gonna reward our sistership :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Meng'ada'kan ke'tiada'an..

Alhamdulillah.. sempat lagi nikmati hidup bersama. Umur ayah dah 58, tahun ni. A birthday cake with a stalk of red rose rasanya dah cukup membuat semua terharu, sebabnya, biar aku saja yang tahu. Yang penting ape yang sepatutnya dibuat, telah kami buat. Cuma sedikit kesalan sebab mutiara² yang bertiga tu ngan mak tak dapat bersama semalam. Semua kat kampung, and Along kat kem :( tapi sempat aku call bg diorang peluang berbual dengan ayah.

Perot ayah yang bulat. Masih terkejut agaknya. Rupanya memang tak tau birthday dia semalam. Pulak tu, baru balik niaga. Penat and almost fell asleep.

Ade janji yang perlu aku, alang dan bancik tunaikan. Memandangkan semalam Upin&Ipin mulakan tayangan, (kebetulan jatuh pada hari lahir ayah) budak2 mesti da tak sabar menanti cuti J untuk sama² ke panggung.

Memikirkan tingkah laku, tindak tanduk aku sekarang ni, timbul risau di hati. Bukan ape, sejak bermula 2009, 1430H ni.. aku makin xsabar² melunaskan apa yang sepatutnya menjadi rancangan aku sejak dulu lagi. Seolah² sudah semakin suntuk untuk aku buat semuanya. Lalu perbualan aku ng Serena sebelum cuti Tahun Baru Cina yang lepas tiba² terimbas kembali. Kebetulan dia nampak aku tgh melayan blog during lunch break hari tu. Katanya ingin jugak start blogging dengan alasan, bila dah sampai masa nnt, sekurangnya ada jugak ‘something’ yg boleh mengadakan ketiadaan kita nanti.

Asalnya aku mulakan blog ini untuk berkongsi cerita dengan yang sudi. Tak perlu memberi reaksi, cukuplah sudi membaca, sudi turut sama merasa. Sebab aku seorang yang sudah biasa menyimpan, memendam apa jua yang aku rasa. Jadi blog ini tempat aku meluah yang bukan rahsia.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Register for dancing class with swatari.. ehhe.. best. baru baru sekarang ade action :) well, it is never too late to start kan.. and i am much happier, just that it is now aching me seriously... mungkin missed the warm-up session mase last sunday (2nd class) pastu kene dera lak ngan asas joget :) eventho dah masuk hr ketiga going slo-mo. tp tak rasa susah pn. sebab i am in love with my dancing lesson sekarang ni.. ;) joget cam kayu pn xpe... ;p asalkan tak miss this thing and a few more sementara masih berasa hidup..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

sweet something..


A friend from nowhere forward this...Qibran -happens to be a friend of my high school's, Day-O

Qibran: Adakah anda tahu hubungan antara 2 biji mata anda? Mereka berkedip bersama, bergerak bersama, menangis bersama dan tido bersama meskipun mereka tidak pernah melihat antara 1 sama lain. Perhubungan seharusnya seperti itu. Kehidupan bagai neraka tanpa kawan. Hari ini adalah 'MINGGU KAWAN SEDUNIA' siapa kawan anda? Hantar mesej ini untuk semua *yang memberi makna kepada hidup anda..

And i have edited the last part*. for u, dear ones ;)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

killer-ulcers ;(


sepanjang hidup, inilah penyiksaan terhebat yg berpunca dr ulser yg pernah singgah dlm mulut ni. memangla sangat mencabar. 4 ulcers at once uhhu.. and they grow beautifully well at places yg sangatla tepat. one kat hujung lidah -right on the centre end. laluan first skali untuk food yg nk masuk ke perut. so it kills me everytime. satu kat lelangit atas hujung blkg skali -the biggest one of all. so for the time being gosok gigi pn tak hard sangat around that area. makanan yg masuk pn nk kene 'parking' betul²
uhhu lagi.. and the other two, be played as two guards kat bahagian bawah kiri dan kanan mulut. memangla pengalaman yang heavenly indah..

dengan hadirnye mereka² yang tak diundang ni, skang cara bercakap pun da berubah sket. more like budak² yang baru nak belajar menutur kata. almaklum takut plak mengundang suasana yang kurang selesa utk semua pihak. makan pn, dah la memang lamabt, skang makinla lambat. mane taknye, mulut dahla kecik, nk buka mulut pun kene slo-mo uhuhu...dugaan ;)

hmm.. ape lagi ek. yeah, malam ni insyaallah balik teluk. nk anta duit apau yg tertinggal dlm baby-savvy mase anta dorang balik last sunday. not a big amount but it holds a big meaning ;p being someone yang enjoys driving, makes it not a big deal for me. walaupun biasenye ayah will be a bit worry if i am to drive alone. especially at night. understood, skang ni bahaya kat mane², jenayah tak kira mangsa, aku pn takla berani sangat tapi aku tak suka jadi penakut. cukup sekadar tahu menjauhi perkara yang mungkin mengundang risiko pada diri.

prinsip: berhati² lebih baik dari jadi penakut ;p sbb kalu berhati², sekurangnye kita berpeluang berdepan dengan 1001 kemungkinan yang memberi pengajaran berharga.. rather than jadi penakut yg mungkin tak tahu ape sebenarnye yg ditakutkan.. -kerugian besar dalam hidup.

Monday, February 2, 2009

rewarding your own self..


Ahha! Since brother-poul (aka bancik) dh sound direct utk update, so here i am. actually there were loads of thing to share but time has been the constraint ehhe. so today, enough of blaming the time. selalu camtu. (as for me la) if tak dapat nk settle ape² hal selalu salahkan masa. tak baik.. see! i have noticed so since forever tp masih gak camtu.

the correct answers should always be "i have failed to manage my time recently". patut malu pada diri sendiri. so, ape lagi? Tak kan nak duk diam je?

i am now 26 years old already. bile angka 25 dh tak lagi temani, ada satu perasaan aneh singgap dalam diri hehehe... poyo betul entry kali ni. sure lepas ni abis kene taruh. tp this is true. before this, bile ade org bagi soalan cepu emas, aku cume mampu balas ng senyuman jek. bukan ape, cume malas nk layan persoalan² lain yg bakal terbangkit. but now. cukup² la.. dan yes, i may say i have scripted a different answers for that same question.

last time xde target, malah tak terfikir pn soal tu (faham² ajela isu ape yg sdg diperkatakan). maka life mmg sangat mudah. hanya perlu fikir pasal diri sendiri, 1001 cerita famili sedia ada, kawan² yang cukup memahami, dan kerja -subjects defining my life. With these few subjects 'entertaining' me, rasenye hidup ni dh cukup penuh.

...the reminder!

25 has always been my favourite number and still is tapi 26... tak sangka pulak rupe²nye angka 26 ni mampu membuka minda. Ehhe at least terbukak sket la untuk beri peluang kepada hal² yang sepatutnye… so I guess this gonna be a beginning to a more good news to people around me who care. Only the beginning, ok! So this is how I reward myself on celebrating the 26th years of my life as an angah.

the-target: 2011. 1430H. 28 years old. Well-prepared.