Saturday, July 14, 2012


Biologically mine has gone long ago.. from both sides of mak and ayah.. But I am so blessed to have another one coming.. recently.. she would wait the glance of my redsavvy at around 6pm every evening and wave to us - never fails.. at times, she would ask me to come up to the house only to have me join them for tea.. or early dinner..

Was so touched that makcu told me just now.. yesterday she stayed and waited for almost half an hour at the windows only to notice that later, I was not there to wave and smile back at her.. I went back earlier than usual.. :'(

Oh Tok.. how I wish to have you stay in Telok so that your feet would be able to touch the ground.. to see you inhale the fresh air in kampung.. again.. Tok, thank you for this good feeling.. Oh Allah.. blessed her with health.. happiness.. husnulkhotimah.. Amin.. Ya Rabbal Alamin..

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