Wednesday, October 28, 2009

sometimes it hits right

only for sharing. coz this stat helps to define a small part of me.. with a hope that, ppl will get to know me better.. and tak perlu berkecil hati berdepan dgn kedegilan angah menjadi diri sendiri.. dan angah juga boleh 'dilentur' jika kena dgn cara dan masa yg tepat..
You love being an individual -- almost as much as you love for other people to notice. So when it's time to shop, you don't typically head for the mall or anywhere else that everyone else goes. You want unique, unusual, one-of-a-kind objects -- whether you're going to wear them, display them, or give them away. So when that friend you'd asked to go shopping raises an eyebrow when you mention where you're off to, don't be put off. Just be sure you drive. They'll love it once you're there.

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