Wednesday, April 27, 2011

silence | that wasn't all

urm.. the feeling is insecured ;) this is supposed to be THE place.. it was once :) but not anymore.. and hopefully it won't last.. coz i am so in need of it now..

smile :) as sweet..

reading blogs of others'.. reminds me of who i have become.. dulu tak camni kot.. (may refer to my very early entries..) written with emotion.. as if it was my private jurnal.. main tulis je ape yg patut.. that i was getting more and more excited by days.. when one reader after another came and drop comments.. sweet sgt feeling tu.. and dengan unknown identity.. lagi seronok melayan entri..

pernah jatuh hati kot ng blog/entri sendiri (and still ;) cuma feeling of me grabbing that 'freedom' of writing is threatened by the feeling of.. urm.. what is that word again..?? uhh.. i can't recall ;( and that what-so-ever feeling is not something that is worth keeping :) so, go lah..!!

banyak kot momentos to share lately.. tp this silence won everytime.. should i be happy or negative bout it..?? i take that as positive.. bak bunyi satu mutiara kata ni..

"There are times when silence has the loudest voice"
[source: photo]

oooookkkk.. surprised to the point that had just came across my mind just a few seconds ago.. boleh pulak relate the word 'voice' in the quote with STIMULI..! so the voice is the stimuli, and i had responded through actions.. Allah, You're the Greatest of All..!!


  1. momentos? prktn baru ke ni cikgu,agk2 ade tak dlm KDB..hi3..;)

  2. @Uchi kay-f @hmad: ahha.. itula uchi.. bahasa sy ni berterabur.. main zahirkan je ape yg terlintas di kepala ni.. jadi blog ni la hasilnya.. :D

  3. eh2 ok jugak tue,sungguhpun berterabur tapi ank murid ini sgt2 teruja menanti entry terbaru cikgu taw..;)

  4. @Uchi kay-f @hmad: ehhe thanks uchi.. for being loyal to the writings.. :)