Sunday, December 26, 2010

isolating myself.. again..?

people are buzy tweeting.. and all they tweet is the number of goals malaysia has scored so far.. thanks for the updates.. well, i am also updating myself by watching the game, live on tv (je..) ehhe..

despite the feeling to isolate part of me again.. (first time in this year..), i would still love to be a part of a history in the making.. and friends on the other social network.. if you feel like i have been (am) taking a distance, frankly speaking.. i am.. all i would (only) love to do for this moment is liking all the comments and the status posted, whether on my wall or others'..

reason being.. urm, i am sorry.. i was hurt bad enough, collectively.. and my misson is.. to find the broken pieces.. thanks for the support dear reader.. you guys are so much appreciated, we hardly meet, at times it feels like we are so close like we've known each other for years.. is true.. thank you..

the moment you come and say salam/ hi to isb.. i know i have more than a thousand of good reasons to smile.. :)


  1. Semoga Irnie jumpa kedamaian dihati meskipun mahu diam menyendiri.

  2. hai Irnie..salam bawa khabar berita sedih...sob..sob...=(