Wednesday, September 30, 2009

bulan, jangan biar siang..

i hate you, yet i love u soo.. ;p

have u ever experienced one kind of hatred feeling that is so sweet upon ending of a movie or film or any series? lasnite, i had one. i hated khabir and his wife, mira for playing with my emotion. SEPI moved me. thanks. i adore the script and the cinematography. its a.. ! (tatau nk describe. any suggestions? ehhe)

izar, at last dpt jugak habiskan sepi. lepas dvd sangkut yg dlu tu, xsempat plak nk kulayankan. now da puas hati. da tau ending. yeayy. sepi, tentang hidup, tentang emosi, tentang persepsi yg pelbagai. sekurngnye.. dpt jugak melihat apa yg sebelum ni kite missed utk nampak..

**angah is preparing an entry on aidilfitri.. ntah bile nk siap. can say, its a long one. very long :) photo pn lom amik from along n alang lagik.

Bintang AI:

You have a golden touch, but not in a bad way like King Midas. No, you've got a lighter golden touch where everything that passes through your fingers takes on a warm, healthy glow. It might sparkle a little too. What is this magic touch of yours? It could have something to do with the combined powers of belief and imagination. Today, take those powers and turn them into very real results.


  1. ~~ aku pon giler suke kat cite SEPI giler..tgk byk kali pon xrugi...sgt cerdik kabir batia ni wat citer...

    p/s: hati xsabar2 nk tgk Jin Notti..oopss bukan sbb mawi...sbb Fara na na..hikhik

  2. yela tuan puteri. sentuhan kabir ni ala² arwah yasmin ahmad. tak penah mengecewakan.. asal ade name kabir je skang, mmg aku tggu ;))

    p/s bile gaknye mr.r u nk bwk gi nakal² ng jin notti ye? ;))

  3. me too sis.da jd salah satu feveret muvee saye.. ;)sedey sgt part kesah bulan jgn biar siang nieh..huhu

  4. @Bippi Sm4ile:
    you shoud watch the movie then.. hope you'll undertand better bipbip..! ;D