Monday, February 14, 2011

My first ever home-made doughnuts o_O

Ahha.. sungguh tak sangka my dough will rise to this big. Tgh layan alligator gar on DiscoveryChannel that shafiq yelled, "ngah, doh angah da kembang!" as he passed us (me & amer) by.. me being excited upon hearing it terus bangun ke dapur while "dah terkeluar ke?" (dah nk terkeluar dr bekas tu ke). "ha'ah, da terkeluar sikit"

Upon looking at the dough.. "whohooo, sikit katakau?" It was initially only a half full of the container. Now dah pi sampai thrice the initial size! I was like.. totally... SPEECHLESSS... ;) (Well, said the lady yg sangatla tak rajin memasak nih..) I'm glad already that I blog about this. For my future kids ehhee..;D

Ok sambung sat lagi.. nak start turn it into few edible rings.. :)

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