Saturday, November 17, 2018

My six-months-challenge starts now

Let's mark today as the very first day of the #sixmonthchallenge.

A mother of 3. Should find her way back to that someone she once was.

Positive. Hardworking. Ambítious. And the list goes on.
Anak dah tiga kot. Amanah tu. Berat bahu ni perlu jadi Ummi terbaik untuk anak². Pelindung. Pembimbing.

Most of them don't have a clue, the story Allah has written for this soul. Despite all, she lived. And the fire 🔥 inside her still burning. Flaming on so that her soldiers could see and be proud having to know her this close.

Abg Noi called. Asking for the proposal.

The oven. The laptop. The inspiring daughters and son around her are the factors.

To be continued...

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