Friday, September 19, 2008


crushes in life.. commenting on this subject has given me painful sweet memories ;) 3crushes in 25 years. 2 during hischool, 1 just few months back (with a hischool boy). crushes come and go and i was, am very sure bout that. i believe so and that is the reason why i can define myself as a strong at heart. the moment it happened was very painful that u feel like something is killing u inside. i was not gonna let me soul die for keeping it to myself and everytime i managed to let it out to the person. but have to clear on 1 thing.. a crush is definitely not yet a love. just an extreme feeling of liking someone.

the 1st crush did not hurt me very badly. i was 15. it was 1st a crush, and purposely wanted to make someone jealous i befriended with the 1st crush. mission failed but another sweet thing accidentally happened ;) we went out dating each other for less than 1 year. sharing what a damn sweet moment together. the relationship did not last long that i broke the relationship when he was in preparation to go study overseas - UK. i thought that would be the best for us.

2nd crush. [be continued..]

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