Tuesday, September 23, 2008


buka puasa kat flaming steamboat. can be considered as annual activity for budak2 IT kustem ambilan 2002. was fun wlaupun xramai yg dapat attend. and the family has gotten bigger and bigger everytime. best giler to have a chance to see how the family grows. and getting to know the stories of the singles heheh quite menarik, applies to myself as well. mine is not so menarik la, consider complicated... and the blame should be put on me ;) hehe. yg join hari tu - pian (mr. organizer), joke (the co-pilot), zen, aku, yante, niza, yus and the wife (who is 5months pregnant), nisa with husband&kid, kak noreen with husband&kid, kak wanie with husband&kid. hmm i think that was all. hopefully to see more newborns next year. mesti lagi meriah. as for me.. ;D heheh

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