Wednesday, December 31, 2008

a gift from the heart of a great girlfriend ;p

ihikz..title pn.. ;p saje je undang kontroversi. ya! she's my girlfriend. mi novia.

thanks to my dearest suzan for making my day. love them so very much that i wish i can share the mountains of appreciation with others ;) it is not the matter of how beautifully u have done it. it is the efforts that i treasure the most. thanks sweetheart :)

with the message;

wazup beb..mlm td aku pas wat keje..smntara mate xngntok lg..aku telh menconteng2 wajah2 ko.hasilnya tada..layan kn aje,,,ehehe..

de keje kosong cm ko x..hehhee/...
tapi aku xleh lawan kekreatifan ko my dear.ehee.


she is very nice and sweet, isn't she?
pgt oo pgt..

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