Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Watched NEVER BEEN KISSED all alone. An interesting movie. Must be added to my fav-list. Another coincidence. I feel that the character and me are sharing a few things in common. I have started writing to the blog with everything that I kno. For things that I don’t know, I will try to avoid writing bout it. And in a part of the movie, …“to write well, write things that u know” yeah, that’s what I do. I think I have done it well. And I do hope that my writing can help people, in any way… In life, I never do things to impress or attract anyone but my very ownself. That is why I think I live well too :) what ever people might think of me, I accept and digest it well :) I take the positive elements and let go the negative ones... sooo me :D

In the evening, we went to Ulu Yam. Ulu Yam has always been a place for us to run away from the hectic life of Kuala Lumpur. Sebab klu nk pi jauh…bajet lari ;p we had a great time, as always. Especially when there were ths tiny lil creatures around… ipan, adam, yaya, honey…they were just amazing. Always been the subjects to tease around. Ehhe takut gak klu anak² aku pulak jd mangse dendam mak bapak dorg nnt ;p

Sunday, March 8, 2009
Folio joget for swatari. Must be completed by the examination day. 16 items. Do it well ok. mgkin akan share the folio kat sini bile siap nnt :)

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