Friday, March 13, 2009

Liverpool vs. MU

Ehhe menjelang game esok. How funny bile pikir balik camne la aku leh terlibat sama ng minat dorang ni. I was once seorang angah yg paling tak digemari bila sampai waktu perlawanan of any football teams. Reason being, confirm kene pi cari port lain kat mane² kedai mamak punyer. I took control, full control of the remote walaupun I was not the one yg bayar bill astro ;p mmg pantang betul klu game waktu aku berjaga. But none of them ever fought back :) kuasa seorang angah ;p Even along pn xde cakap ape klu I start making faces ;p terus je, bagai di suruh², terus je grabbed the car keys and off he went :)

I love dramas. I hv always hated it when I changed the channel from football to drama, pakcu mesti kate “apela.. blakon la sume ni.. kene tipu jek”. Excuse me... they really are acting! Everyone can tell. So what? Baik lg drp footballer yg supposed to play tp gile acting like the one MU has, ehhe Christiano Ronaldo.. acting footballer, untouched pn leh claim injured. Nape tak nangis je tgh padang tu… cam budak²! –wah ;) provocative nih.. peace :p

Okay, CR is not the main subject sebenarnye… uhh klu tengok gelagat pelakon padang bola tu sure mendidih je…

My brothers are sure gonna love ths :)

Most of us in the family are big fans of ths two teams. Other teams like arsenal, man city, chelsea pn ade but cant beat ths two :D

I have come to actually joining my brothers ng bola ni pn sbb I overseen the excitement in their eyes when talking bout the team they are supporting, I mean the lil brothers. I think they hv been the reason why. Apau kept on asking “angah sokong team mane?”. And… “I don’t know yet but DEVILS surely not on the list”… was a scripted answer from me. then. Gosh I hate thm so much. still. Sampaila aku rs terpengaruh ng Apau and Apit. Secara tk langsung minat tu growing… ;) well it’s a good chance for us to really spend time and share the thoughts together. when children can talk bout football in details like ‘ths player plays best in ths position..’, ‘ths player is paid ths much to play with ths team..’, ‘ths player played well with ths team before joining ths team..’ bla bla bla. It amazed me to the heart :) pelik kn… yeah, I seek life more than anything else. And ths three lil pearls of mine, ade attitude sendiri bile tgk bola, and I just figured it out last nite, when alang told us bout ths :D and I wanna see ths myself if Selangor gets its way to the finals FA Cup nnt ;)

So now walaupun xpnh declare myself as a fan of THE REDS tp aku cenderung ke arah their side. Esp when stevie is there ;) dlu, last part yg aku layan on the papers pagi² was bahagian sukan… tp skrg, mst nk cari citer pasal the reds dlu baru move to the headlines :) Erk. Have I become one of their fans already?

**13 going on 30 –YEAH
**Juno -YEAH


  1. boo liverpool.. boo liverpool.. mimpi la nk mng epl.. manu glory2.. 2 piala dh dlm genggaman, tggl 3 je lg.. go for it yeah!

    from 1 of big fans red devil.. hehe :D

  2. yeah :D lets dream...
    i like the spirit tho ;)

  3. ano...lebih caghe klu manu mng, ko blanje..
    klu liver mng, aku dbelanje oleh ko :D hows that sound..? ;)