Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good Leader


Am writing ths on the capacity of a pure civilian. I love ths man, just look at the way he handled the situation (Buletin Utama 18/03/09). So calm, realistic and natural (is the right adjective?) ;p let it be.. although ths is a tough situation for anyone who might be experienced it, I think his statement saves the world already :p

I wish all of us can say words the way he did/does. Yeah go on dreaming, because the reality, I don’t have to tell. Most of us spread words without thinking about the impact it will convey to the interpretation of the most non-thinkers among us :) Ppl hv eyes of their own to transfer the data to their mind and tend to process it the way they want, accordingly. Only to satisfy themselves, to show their powers, rather than to maintain the harmony air around them.

Yeah, I have been admiring him long ago. Reason being; how his brilliant mind and hard work have brought Malacca to its level today. I have said ths to many people, how I wish he can transfer KL or any state in malaysia to be as same level as Malacca in terms of the city planning and all the attractive places it has. I can say he takes a very good care of his place. The people of Malacca should really be proud of him. They should. and I really wanna see him to be an idol to most malaysians (especially the city planners) :p ths is not only a matter of development, but how you develop at the same time preserving the environment ;p

As an individual, I wish him all the luck in the world ;) I hope he can still contribute to the ppl he loves and the people who loves him, despite whatever the result will be. The quality you have, will take you further ahead. InsyaAllah. Good luck.

**yeah, my friend cikada2000 is proposing us to plant more trees to replaced the number of trees that is being cut down.. lets do it ;) for the sake of the earth. Oh ya, don’t forget to register urself ok! Just a single click on the countdown timer will take u there :)

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