Friday, September 4, 2009

be alone..

angah is going to have her breakfast alone today. yg lain da cabut balik teluk hr ni. maklum saje, sok kn cuti. but working day for angah. wah.. the feeling.. is not sad or ape² pn yg negative. hari ni diberikan masa utk angah berehat kot. ehhe. yup time for myself to be alone. but, will not stop sape² to interrupt (standby jek tuk ape pn tujuan). this week has been a long one for me. n today, i am supposed to attend to this one place untuk buat sesuatu yg murni :D tp since she's not feeling well and angah also rase cam berat sgt dah kepala ni, ktorg tunda ke minggu depan je.

. most of the time, is very sweet. just for angah. because it comes not so often to her days. and what makes angah posts this entry is, this one special person that (agak kerap jugakla) keeps the loneliness away.. sis, it's YOU.. merci beaucoup!!
a: amboi bukan main
a: bile akk leh rase korgnye air tgn nih??
a: mane leh citer jek
i: hehe
i: nanti time kita buka pose tue laa
a: owh ok gak tu
a: ehhe
i: tp mee gorang kna ada k
i: terliur kang kawan sy tu

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