Saturday, April 24, 2010

The one thing we discover today leads to more tomorrow’s undiscovered

And it will be left undiscovered if we decide not to discover them. What a loss!

Early morning, woke up with hesitation. Whether to go or not to. Yesterday’s sms from a possible friend bothered my sleep :) -sampai camtu sekali? :D 

Ade kerja harus dibereskan sebenarnye ths weekends. Smlm Pn. Masriah dari Yayasan Salam text about the confirmation of the Volunteer Awareness Program at MAB Hall, Brickfields. Da byk email they sent mentioning the charity works that they organize tp tak pernah dapat pi. Padahal, I was once crazy looking forward to attending this kind of activities.

Pagi ni, woke up quite late, terus terfikir psl sms smlm. Alhamdulillah Allah gerakkan hati ni. Terus je bersiap gerak ke KL, to Brickfields. Had no idea what MAB stands for, asked for direction from cousin daos that led me to YMCA. Uhhu, thanks to u bro! Called Pn Masriah, lucky me, the place is just nearby.

Da sampai sana br tau what does MAB stand for. Malaysian Association for the Blind. There I was. Learning how grateful  I am to be sighted. And how lucky I am to have known these few blind people. And I got to learn 26 secret characters in Braille :) and I know how to code my name in Braille :) what a wonderful world!

But, I had my tears rolling down my cheek at times when these wonderful people started to share their experience being blind. And at moments some of them showed their talents despite the blindness and the deafness that they suffer from. 

Some of them are elderly blind. One of them, was an engineer lost his sight due to bacterial infections after a meal during work. Food poisoning ,went to clinic for diarrhea and losing his eyesight in less than 24 hours time, two years ago. But he did look as if he has had it for quite a time.

Another friend, was also an engineer, from an acute dengue fever that he became visually impaired and deaf. His wife left him. Some people tend to be cruel when tested. Let me not be one of them. Aminn…

Another one, the only child of the family. Got blind from diabetes and hypertension, 15 years ago. She can sing very well :)

And at the moment when we, the sighted volunteers were blindfolded and led by the blinds to walk out on the road, that was a WOW experience. ;) I almost got a bump on the forehead by blindly hit a poll and set my foot into a streaming of dirty water. What an experience.

I have more than enough friends already (that’s what I thought) to walk with me through the sun and rain, but after today, I think I need to socialize myself more with this kind of people. Because amazingly with them, I think I could lead the route that I’m taking to more and more discoveries.

Wonderful words from Mother Teresa to share with you:
What I do you cannot do; but what you do, I cannot do. The needs are great, and none of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”
And from me deep inside:
Today, I’m happy to do things on my own, coz I’m so used to it. To make decisions. I will not ever ask you to walk in my shoes. But at least, be by my side. And I’ll be by yours. 

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