Saturday, May 29, 2010

ke nur lembah pangsun..

izza, uhhu maafkn akk ye. only last wednesday gb gtau yg guru baru kene gi kursus ths weekend which means ths sat and sun. hancur my planning to attend ur invitation sis. wish the twins be granted the best of health and blessings from Allah.

what a coinc, along is heading to the same destination. handle outdoor pulak. ntah² ng kitorang ehhe.. harapla tak membosankn, depa kata klu seminar gini, dok dengar ceramah je. kuar masuk dewan.. uhhu..

malang sungguh bagiku.. maklumat program dua hr nnt tak dpt lg... so kire redah je esok. bawak pe yg patut. ape agaknye yg patut? urm..

Bintang AI:
You just need a little more encouragement to succeed -- especially if it comes from yourself. Tell yourself to hang in there! There are great opportunities on the horizon, and all you need to do is watch out for them, then plan your attack to take full advantage of your own qualities. You are quite well prepared -- it may even feel like you've been preparing for this forever! Believe in yourself and jump right in.

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