Thursday, May 27, 2010

wish i..

wish i could now
at this very moment 

sit back and relax
and say "at last.."

wish i could now
be drowned in these ocean of stories
and share with u
should we be drowned together ;)
for i can't keep those precious moments with me
sólo conmigo

the frames of joy and laughter
keep playing, keep changing
haunt me in a way 
indefinite sweet haunting

but things never been crueler
as the chores seem never wish to subside..

Bintang AI:
If you're feeling somewhat pessimistic when it comes to love, you shouldn't be -- things are just about to change. However, if you want to take advantage of these great new opportunities, you need to toss out all the junk that's been cluttering your heart (and mind). Stop obsessing about the past! Everything that happened was meant to bring you to this moment, with your open and giving heart intact.

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