Friday, May 6, 2011

thought you are gonna be mine..

ye.. itu yg kufikir
sampaila pagi tadi di kelas pintar 6
i was indirectly reminded
that tomorrow is my turn to held an extra class
meaning that this weekend is not gonna be mine.. again :(

eh.. why sad..??
senyumlah wahai irnie..
it is a good thing you are gonna do kan..?
ehhe yup..
and i am gonna make sure that this smile on my face now
stays longer..

bukan apa..
after having lost the weekends for so long already..
i was planning to actually pamper myself with something..
tangguhkan dulu rancangan tuh.. and ahad nanti.. piknik jom..!!! ;)
tengoklah, mak nk ikut ke tak..

he is one of the pearls ;) my cousin ana's youngest son.. ammar.

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