Monday, June 20, 2011

me and Fith feat. Fatin

Before I fall asleep. Penuh hari ni. went to Selayang Mall to see my darling girlfriend, Fith. Last time we met was in Ramadhan last year. Lama dah kan. Cam busy sangat je, padahal Selayang and Pantai Dalam only a half-an-hour drive.

Was fun. Wonderful. We got to know her parents yang sangat happening ;) Tq darling! Kan Fatin? (who was behind the photo

And these photos are meant to sow the jealousy seeds in the heart of an online friend, cik Ali ;-)

Ok bubbye.. nak tido.. ;-)
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  1. nurulhuda fithriana.. a very wonderful person.. tak penah rase bosan bile bsame2 die :)

  2. @Anonymous: yup so ture.. ;) friendship never could last.. ingat ye ;)

  3. apsal i br bc post nih... haha... lambat plk... tq irn,.. love u! :D