Monday, June 22, 2009

fishful conversation. ahha! :D

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lee suilie: acting bz??? stay always???
irniesb: stay away..
irniesb: ehhe
lee suilie: ???
irniesb: nola
irniesb: just to keep ppl away from me
lee suilie: be cherish ya
lee suilie: oh
irniesb: ahha some ppl like to disturb
irniesb: ahha
irniesb: even for small² things
lee suilie: huh?
lee suilie: like me now?
irniesb: no la
irniesb: ur always welcome
lee suilie: long time no chat w u
irniesb: yup
lee suilie: jus tanya khabar
irniesb: ehhe
irniesb: im ok as i may always be seen
irniesb: ehha
irniesb: how bout u??
lee suilie: anyways be cherish
lee suilie: aiyoo
lee suilie: hard to say
irniesb: oh thanks ineed that
lee suilie: wana die soon
irniesb: oo dont die soon
lee suilie: nyawa nyawa ikan tilapia
irniesb: hv to finish ths few series soon
irniesb: ahha
irniesb: then we can die together
lee suilie: few????????????///
irniesb: ahahha
lee suilie: hahha
lee suilie: u wan be ikan kering or keropoa?
irniesb: rather be ikan busuk
lee suilie: har?
lee suilie: busuk le
irniesb: die floating at sea
irniesb: ahaha
lee suilie: dont wan la
irniesb: ehhhe
lee suilie: never
irniesb: me die alone la
lee suilie: we can think a way put in air conditioner environment
irniesb: wahahah
lee suilie: where got?
irniesb: pasar borong
irniesb: ehhehe
irniesb: then sell to ppl
lee suilie: u see still got many pretty fish swim to ur place
irniesb: who is interested
irniesb: ahahha
lee suilie: give u support
lee suilie: encouragement
irniesb: ehhe thanks
lee suilie: as long as we sell mahal la
irniesb: thank u dear
irniesb: ahahah
lee suilie: so anything
lee suilie: remeber still got many expensive fishes suooprt u ooo
lee suilie: support
irniesb: yeah
lee suilie: gambateh
irniesb: i will appreciate that
irniesb: gambateh!!
irniesb: same to u..
lee suilie: gambateh
lee suilie: bye bye
irniesb: bye
lee suilie: wana go search a good place to dry up the ikan kering
irniesb: ahahahh
irniesb: then gd luck for u
irniesb: dry it well
irniesb: so it will tahan longer

**thank you, dear ;) LIFE is beautiful, don't u think??


  1. nice chat la cik kak..ketawa sorang aku baca..kita suma mcm ikan kering..ikan selai pun ada gak...

  2. :) paling kurang ikan xde akal. xyah nk byk pk.