Friday, July 1, 2011

"to start fresh"

Despite the mess in the head. Yesterday was a day of sweet lessons.

I was taught about love. Unconditional love that people will need to learn in life that will help attracts more of delightful upcoming events.

Being in love, I would say a responsibility one has to take. RESPONSIBILITY is, a big word. But most of us have failed to redefine LOVE as is.

Love comes at times you less expect it. When we less expect it. The love that comes is the sweetest (for those who see).. ONLY when you are ready to receive.. with open mind, open heart and of course open arms (to hugs ;-)

To fall in love with me, is easy.. but to get the love you want from me.. you have got to be the chosen one.. trying too hard will only hurt you more.. just play with the game according to the ultimate rules by HIM and pray.. the love you gonna get is gonna get you speechless ;-)

Adam Hakimi & Mei Key..
#myrequest: for you to read what I wrote, with a heart of an ARTIST.. you'll get what I mean.. or it is not gonna be easy for u.. Tq
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