Wednesday, November 2, 2011

bestfriend | loneliness

the girl and her bestfriend, loneliness..

Only now, at this very moment that she realized, she had lost and now misses her bestfriend, so much so that at times, her heart stops beating, stop living.

the undescribable moment started when she got to know Annie W. and has only been a day.. when all she did was listen to her life story.. and evaluate her own.. and they seem to be reflected semi-perfectly ;)

and tonight her emotion took her closer to her long lost best friend.. as much as she would love to embrace the moment together, her present companies would not let her go back to her old good time.. and she had to admit life is sometimes has to be left unexplained..

when loneliness manages to find sorrow behind her smiles, words behind her silence and love behind her every anger.. why would she ever think of separating herself from her loneliness..??

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