Thursday, November 24, 2011

informative.. ke?

my blog is so not informative lately.. yup it has been informative if you would wanna know about the writer :) tq.. dear blogwalkers.. that was so lovely of you to have visited me and dropped some nice words.. you guys are so much welcome.. and that has made me inspired.. motivated to relive this part of me.. 

school break. and i feel so alive.. school days were not some burden to me.. unlike my previous school holidays, all I did was nothing much fruitful.. but this time.. i am so proud of myself (of course not as proud as the peacock) to have much to do during the school break.. tuition classes.. part time job at my previous workplace.. a self-made jubah to accomplish ;)

already sent to maklong (a lady next door) to 'jahit tepi' (stitching along sides of the fabrics ;)

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