Tuesday, February 24, 2009

pardon me..


erk syah, sorry i didnt really listen to u mase u tego psl my layout, background too dark, font too small, sakit mate tengok, only hr ni that i checked my blog out from another pc... uhhu iyela... sakit mate... and ya, it do look terrible. tp im not being syok sendiri tau, coz i blog from mi lappie, and my pc kat office. both are presenting the same view (just ok for me)... and im not gonna change the bg-color coz this blackie environment make me feel secured... tried a few other colors tp none of them match my eyes ;) uhhu.. tahan kan je ok. and the font, if only boleh guna benguiat frisky (am deeply in love with ths font)... i will go for that. tapi malang sekali...

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