Tuesday, February 17, 2009

one of the best :) -thanks


GHOST. One of the best malaysian drama series…uhhu love it so very much..plus, Cheryl Samad was in it. She was born to be an actress…sangat natural..and thanks to the production team. Now tgh gile mendownload kat youtube (walaupun da ketinggalan jauh sebenarnye ;p). Teringat pulak ng siri EACH OTHER yg Cheryl blakon ng Alvin Wong dulu –was the very first time I saw her acting. Pun besh gak. I wish lepas ni leh replay EACH OTHER tu balik..dalam GHOST, the players memang la sangat2 mengagumkan. They just played their roles soooo perfectly without trying too hard sebagaimana most of the artists nowadays perform…macam tuut jek. Semua bajet nk menang award. no offence. Sekadar meluah rasa kecewa.

This is gonna be my all-time favorite. Already in my fav-list, selain SEPI, I AM SAM, KEKASIHKU SERU, MUJHSE DOSTI KAROGE, COFFEE PRINCE and bla bla bla…

Yesterday was really A DAY!

Attendees: the manager, ah kam and me (ehhe macam meeting lak)
Nothing big but we had a discussion in the morning on the color they wanna use to paint our new office. Im gonna have my room painted with magenta –slower tone to pink J boleh la, rather than cyan –slower tone to blue. Ah kam gonna get blue. The manager gets black –slower to grey, and kelvin is getting yellow.. complete CMYK… yeah, go design!

Later in the evening, around 2.30 p.m. the manager took us to the site (I drove them in my baby-savvy k J) reason being: kete my manager, air-cond rosak, spare part tak sampai lg, uhhu kete import la kate, merase la ko naik baby-savvy ku :p ehhe. floors in progress. Melawat tapak from bottom to top. Getting too much of excitement. Tak sabar da nak masuk opis baru ni.

Attendees: chris and me
I had a date with Chris afterwork yesterday. Went to eat at an Arabian restaurant in Serdang Perdana. We shared a plate of chicken kebab and 2 glasses of orange juice. as usual, passers by can’t help their eyes from having ‘that’ glance at us. We kinda like to tease people by giving them the perception most people would normally have. We had ‘that look’ from others most of the time when we were hanging out together. I’m so used to it by now. Chris is like the most sexiest woman on earth. A nice chinese woman who doesn’t like chinese man. Tagging along with me, just a simple muslim woman with tudung and unsexy clothes on, might somehow attract others attention eventhough that is beyond our expectation, way too far from our intention. People might mistake us as seriously committed ‘girlfriends’, might even talk bad about us when they see the way we communicate and smile to each other (things create more bad perception everytime she calls me ‘baby’ ahhaha). No worries you’re all forgiven. This is how we are gonna live. She’s a Christian, I am a true Muslim, and we are SISTERS.

Enjoyed our late tea and we already planned to go on a holiday together. Only the two of us. to one of the beautiful islands in Terengganu. And I am to plan everything. She’s gone through a lot of things lately that requires her a holiday. She needs to clear her mind off those bad guys and I am going to lend her a helping hand. And this is how we are gonna reward our sistership :)

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