Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Envious Me..


Have just finished GHOST. Was a damn good narration, actors.. everything! Cried my heart out towards the ending.

There go the swollen eyes..

Well, this type of drama is really my cup of tea. And I have always been teased (a lot) by the dear-brothers for being sooo damn sentimental as I have always been. I survived the phase, everytime. People around me knows very well how fragile my heart is, but they could never be able to understand what lies inside of me coz I wont let them. You can say that I am a very secretive type of person. To be true to myself, and others who mind to know... all my life, I have never felt so little, so much dissapointment. Nobody has done anything so bad to dissapoint me. Nobody! That’s my big loss, as I believe so. As the replacement to the loss, I enjoyed watching this kind of dramas, movies. In a way, they help me to loosen up. Envious. That is my true feeling. At times, I really wanted to experience the dissapointment in me, alive! Not by developing it from others’.

Mir, if u ever read this entry... akak betul2 cemburu ngan ape yg awak rase right now. Jangan salah anggap ye. All my life, akak biase dengar masalah orang. I listen to people’s matter very well coz I have always wanted to be a good listener, I talk less coz I don’t really know how to give response (most of the time), I keep secrets (never fail) and I give good advices due to my point of view and from the experiences I have seen others went through along the way... and atas ape yang Mir lalui sekarang, I think u are so lucky that Allah is giving attention to u right now. Percayalah dengan ape yang Mir lalui sekarang will make you a better, stronger person than u could ever think u could be. Make room for yourself untuk belajar menerima, menilai apa jua keadaan yang menduga. I will always be there for u, girl. Thanks for the care to share.

Mir, I would very much like to dedicate this beautiful song to u, sayang…

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