Tuesday, May 19, 2009

places where i would like myself to be seen in/at..

hmm mase driving home from the office smlm fikiran ni terbang melayang... hai nasib baik smpai rumah dengan selamatnye... this kinda situation happens quite frequently... sedar segalanya bermula ms belajar kat kustem dlu... naik je moto, and in no time i da sampai destinasi... mmg tak sedar what might have happened along the way... ape pn alhamdulillah im still breathing ;) given the chance... syukran...

keadaan camni tak sepatutnya dibiarkan coz it is indeed very risky. its the life we r talking about... kite xtau ape bakal jadi kn... so i should (since long ago) kikis tabiat nih... tp my mind just cant control the action... kadang tu (quite a few time) time makan pn leh tetibe hanyut into anything je yg happen around me pd mase tu... smpi my colleague pn da faham. and they stopped me... just rite there. ehhe. klu x, ntah bile nk abis makan ;p

ok back to the title. bukan main la mukaddimah meleret². ape ye yg terpikir dlm kete td.. i dont wanna define myself in one word. coz i have been failing to find one. so this is just who i am... ('am' ok). the possible places...
  1. pasar besar jalan othman pj (or kawasan yg ala² sejenis dengannya)
    despite the lecah² and the stinks, i like being there (of course not in a 24/7). where i can mix around with ppl from different background, races, languages. and also having the opportunity to come into discovering veggies yg pelik², fish, just anything i hv never seen in my life before. also the outfits. so free. what u wear... ppl just dont give a damn.

  2. in the jungle
    try watch man vs. wild... im looking for one man yg macam the host, bleh tak? ehhe he is definitely a survivor. letakla kat mane pn sure tak lapa pnyer... ehhe actually i like man who plays with mud ahahah...

  3. pantai..
    because for me, its borderless. rase cam sgt bebas, at the same time sangat la kecik when we get to face the wide rough ocean. and the moment i find out strange living things that reside the place... makes me wanna cry... how little have i known so far. more to discover... ya allah, pls grant me more time to do that... amiinn...

  4. historical places
    coz they tell u stories in their silent presence. just be there and ur mind will just go wild ;)

  5. to add more... later :) need for a dream ;)


  1. nnt klu nk g jgn lupe ajak ek..
    nk gak ikut skali.. he2 :)

  2. saya selalu ke pasar besar jalan othman.. =)
    dulu tution kt andrew choo.. kira dah jadi jajahan taklukla tempat tu =_