Friday, May 15, 2009

...been a while

hi all, was i too busy lately? i am not very sure if it was the reason. so let me just say that.. i was being unfair that i abandoned cloudy me for ai-passbook (ehhe only for a week). i feel sorry to myself for having done this.

actually i had a few moments to share... i even had it captured on the camera phone of mine. a csl (so please do not expect more of the quality)
  1. cny treat

  2. three little stooges -missing two, left one alone. so geram that i dont know until now where they went lost to... very the sentimental coz actually bende ni lekat kat pintu peti ais kat umh. but i cannot tahan tgk dak² kecik nakal tu asik buli them je, so i kidnapped and place them in my baby-savvy to keep me accompanied. but now, it hurts everytime tgk sekor yg lonely tu..

  3. books with my favourite 'heart-melting' font -benguiat frisky ;)

  4. the causes of my depression. the very 'starter'. shifting to new office took me only two days.. but the hardship and trouble has lasted like forever.. still

  5. will be continued... 0443hrs already. the workload is increasing and i shud recharge now ;) wish me luck


  1. mane la x bgn lmbt slalu..
    tdonye pn lewat..
    pasni tdo la awl sket ek..
    br segar n ceria ble bgn tu..
    nk wt kje pn semangat..

  2. ehhe tpakse, anak ramai ;p
    ape pn mmg da cube, cume hati ni tak cukup kuat tuk pejamkan mate, tido awl... mesti tbabas