Wednesday, July 1, 2009

mode: happy

sejak seminggu yg lalu, hari angah cam tak berape nk hangatla. sbnrnye ade gak momento yg angah dok enjoy like hell tp bile nk update kt blog je, mood jadik suram. tp semalam a few of angah's fren came from out of the blue.. ehhe menceriakn hari angah gak la.. smlm kengkawan hi-school byk greet angah. just a simple one like 'hi!', 'kandaaaa! senyum la ckit.. :D' etc. then, they're gone. kejap je, tp angah sudah sgt happy. showed that angah was never forgotten tau.. masing² bz jek. ehhe. showed that at once, there was always someone, somewhere on the earth yg masih ingat that 'there's a girl named irnie/angah that i know needs to be greeted'. senang jek nk buat angah happy. just be nice to her and it doesnt cost RM at all kan?

**ehhe asik org je nk wat die happy, camne lak die nk wat orang len happy?? hmm.. penin tu, camne eh??

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