Wednesday, July 1, 2009

right before the day ends..

lastnite angah decided to fall asleep very early. oops not really early, but definitely earlier than usual. and right before the dream took control of her mind, suddenly ths question passed bye... "what if when i fall asleep now that my heart decides to stop beating?" uhm... oh no ya Allah, angah is not ready yet... if only u decide so, i will surely be in hell... nauzubillahiminzaalik... but what IF...?

may i wish to live and leave with his blessings, amiinnn... let us pray together, my love!

Lukman Al-hakim telah berpesan kpd anaknya, ada 2 perkara yg harus kita ingat dan 2 perkara yg tak harus kita ingat.

2 perkara yg TAK HARUS diingat:
  1. Kebaikan yg pernah kita buat terhadap org lain.
    Kalau kita ingat, akan buatkan diri kita jd riak. Mungkin akan wujud juga sifat mengungkit dan sbgnya.
  2. Keburukan yg org lain lakukan terhadap kita.
    Kalau kita ingat keburukan org, akan membuatkan kita punyai perasaan dendam dan terniat utk membalasnya semula.
2 perkara yg HARUS kita ingat:
  1. Allah
  2. Kebaikan yg org lakukan terhadap kita


  1. I remember a story shared during the halaqah. The sister was telling about people who will be in jannah. And she was telling about a companion(I forgot his name) of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Prophet said that this man had been promised a place in Jannah and that had made the other companions wondered what the sahabat had done in his life that guaranteed his place in Jannah. One of the companion decided to stay in the man house for a couple of days to observe the man's habit and it had came to no avail. He did not see any differences between this man and the others companions good deeds. He then gave up and honestly admitted to the sahabat that he wanted to stay at the man's house just to see what his friend did in his daily life that guaranteed him place in Jannah. Then the man told his friend that he did nothing different from others except for one thing that he had been applied during his entire life. He said that every night, before sleep, he will think of what he had done during the day and asked Allah's forgiveness and later, he added that he will also FORGIVE PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY HAD DONE TO HIM. Therefore, he had no grudge to anyone during his entire life! Subhanallah, it was the beauty of Islam and yet, very hard for us to follow such a good example. May Allah opens our heart and be like His good servants. Amin. So friend, would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any wrongdoings and hope that we will live and die peacefully.

  2. amiinnn...

    hi lynnn... would like to thank u sooo very much for the sharing... a bit down rite now, for no reasons, but upon reading ur comment, it heals the minor cuts at least ;)