Sunday, January 17, 2010

we are never left alone

i talked with c lastnite. it was a long one. we hanged out at mcd in kuchai lama. was thinking of bringing along my laptop which i had it clothed with liverpool's skin. lucky me that i didnt do so, coz after we had taken our seat outside, a group of gentlemen (i think) of mufc came  (for the shirts, some of them had on) and took the seats right behind us. ehhe. kalau tak, issue jugak :) and as it has always been, the look that they were giving to us was  an acceptably 'normal' one ;)

well that was actually not the subject that i want to highlight. it has been quite a long while that we havnt seen each other. all because of the escapism that i had to do and of course of the excitement and the passion that i have in my new commitment now :)

god is great. i am so grateful that she has changed. though we are of different beliefs, we actually shared the same faith. the faith that guide us to be what we are, who we are. does that make any sense to any of us? :) the faith that make us feel that we are never left alone at times when loneliness came to say hi. yes, we are never left alone. thank you allah for this lovely feeling..

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  1. dinda try g link yg kanda bg tu tp xleh nk open la.. pe yg blaku sbnarnye kanda?