Wednesday, June 23, 2010

with Celcom & DiGi now, but the number stays

Maxis: We acknowledge your request to move. Thank you for being with Maxis and we hope to serve you again in the future. For further queries, please call 1800 821 xxx
DiGi: Your line is about to be activated on the DiGi network. Please replace your DiGi SIM card as soon as your current line stops working.
Second time dapat mesej cam ni, and the same feeling strucks. Sayu jek ms dapat 1st msg. Last time ng U mobile pun camtu when i converted my 018 number to celcom.. Sorry guys, ths is a move that i have to take for better.. ehhe tatau better ke tak but willing so :)

So friends, my 012 now is with DiGi :)

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  1. ala sian die.. jgn serik plak nk msg kanda nnt.. tpakse la dinde.. da tak serasi, cari yg lain plak ;)